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No one believes a liar, even when he's telling the truth! 

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Conejo siente que es el animal mas popular en el bosque. Cuando el esta siendo perseguido por in perro, va pedir ayuda por sus amigos. Cuando se da cuenta que no tenia ayuda, se entero de algo importante. Rabbit feels he is the most popular animal in the forest. When he is being chased by an animal, he hopes all his animals friends will help. When he realizes he had no help, he learns something important. 

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Find out what happens when hippopotamus eats too much in this fable from Aesop.

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Segun encuentra una moneda, la ratoncita tiene que decidir que se va comprar y con quien se va casar. The vain little mouse has found some moeny and she must now decide what she will buy herself and to whom she will marry.

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Enjoy this Sona tale from Zimbabwe that tells how cats chose to live with man.

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When a little rooster finds a diamond while scratching for food, a greedy king comes along and takes it for himself. With the help of his magic stomach, the persistent little rooster sets out to get the diamond back!

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