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Anansi is known for being a trickster spider. Listen to find out how trickster stories became known as "Anansi Tales" with the retelling of this classic folktale. (4:58)

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Conejo siente que es el animal más popular en el bosque. Cuando él está siendo perseguido por un perro, va pedir ayuda por sus amigos. Cuando se da cuenta que no tenía ayuda, se entero de algo importante.

Rabbit feels he is the most popular animals in the forest. When he is being chased by an animal, he hopes all his animal friends will help. When he realizes he had no help, he learns something important. (2:52)

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Teens, listen in on this hilarious cell phone parody! December brings awesome opportunities for teens at the Library! Stop and swap with our first Teen Clothing Swap. Celebrate Florida’s not so cold winter with our hot teen programming and much, much more! (3:01)

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