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Enjoy this Nigerian folk tale that explains why the sky is so far away. (7:50)

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Había una vez un lugar donde todos los animales estaban muy hambrientos. Un conejo ve a un mago que le da una ramitas mágicas y dice que si las usa bien seran aún más mágicas. Conejo recuerda lo que sus padres le enseñaron, y decidió utilizarlo sin saber el resultado.

There was once a place where all the animals were very hungry. One day rabbit sees a wizard and he gives him magical pebbles and says that if he uses them right they can be even more magical. Rabbit remembers what his parents taught him and decided to use it not knowing the outcome. (4:00)

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Whether you like Flamenco dancing, pop culture, or scary stories, the Library has something for you in October. Listen in to find out more about these great programs, including Teen Read Week. (1:19)

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