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Hear Canadian acoustic duo Naming the Twins. Naming the Twins is the harmonizing guy-gal duo of Robbie Smith and Kathleen Glauser whose sound is a little bit like Peter, Paul & Mary if one of the fellows took the night off, a little bit like Simon and Garfunkel if Art was a girl. Complimented for transporting their listeners back to the heyday of folk music, their original songs are a blend of Americana & Canadiana styles, and for fun they love putting their stamp on familiar favorites. For more information about Naming the Twins, please visit http://www.namingthetwins.com.

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Having a small backyard flock of chickens is a growing trend in metro areas. Getting started with your own backyard chicken coop can be daunting, but the end result is rewarding. Pet Care Professional Laura Helseth will share her experience, tips, and will answer your questions.

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Nourish your skin, hair and body from the inside out with ancient Indian Ayurvedic beauty techniques with certified Holistic Health Coach, Shahnaz Nensey. An afternoon of beauty and wellness with organic skincare products that can be easily found in your kitchen using essential oils, herbs and spices will be demonstrated. The information found on this video is for educational purposes only and to empower people with knowledge to take care of their own health. We disclaim any liability if the viewer uses or prescribes any remedies, natural or otherwise, for him/herself or another. Always consult a licensed health professional should a need be indicated.

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